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Cancer Sewa Dham

Cancer is a globally feared fatal disease, which takes away number of lives every year. In India alone it puts an end to numerous human lives every year. While there have been numerous medical researches to find a permanent solution to cure this disease, we still are a long way away to find a curable solution. Cancer as a disease and its widely known medical therapy named, as Chemotherapy are very painful before it engulfs the essence of life.


  • To create and manage a 150 bedded Cancer Hospital linked with Cancer dispensaries with an in-house doctor, located in major cities of the nation. The hospital will undertake the free economical travel, lodging and primary diagnosis of economically weak patients suspected of suffering from Cancer. The cost of the treatment will be borne by direct donations, medical camps and meditation programs conducted by Gurudev Shree Sri Rajeev Thakur.
  • To additionally undertake research and development activities to develop innovative methods of combatting Cancer through Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Meditation and Disciplined Lifestyle at its treatment centers. It will involve research on Gou- Mutra (Urine of Cow) and other herbal and Ayurvedic treatment to develop medicines and procedures for eradication of the disease in its initial and budding stage.
  • To help reduce the enormous pain suffered by the patients from the disease and its treatment procedures by meditation and healing procedures.
  • To provide vocational training for sustainability of livelihood of the family members who have lost their loved ones while fighting Cancer.
  • To link various states runs projects or as approved by national and state government, with the Cancer Sewa Dham for effective use of resources and develop better medical treatment of Cancer.