महामंत्र : श्री गुरु देवदत्त:II I महालक्ष्मी मंत्र : ऊँ ऐं ह्लीं श्रीं महारानी महालक्ष्म्यै नम:।। I हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे II

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Gurudev Sri

India is the land of Saint, Sages, holy people, great soul and remained the birth place of many ascetics since a long time before. Whenever the loss of righteous, equity &justice and exploitation on woman, Brahmins, Holy Cows, Vedas and Saint increases on this earth then God sends his holy soul to annihilate injustice and immorality and to enlighten the people, society so that other people may lead a life. Here Gurudev Sri Jee is the perfect epitome of above said words. At a age when a child remain dependent on its parents barely for speaking, at such age Gurudev Sri Jee has successfully preached so many "Bhagwat Kathas" and “Devi Bhagwat Kathas”. Gurudev Sri Jee has got devotees across the Universe.


On 10th April 1978 Gurudev Sri Rajeev Thakur Jee (an enlightened and sacred soul) was born in Sandilya Brahmin Family from Sacred womb of Devi Banita Thakur wife of Sri Mukti Narayan Thakur, Village Rudrapur, Bachhawara, District Begusarai, Bihar, India. He was named “Pandit or Sanyasi” by his Grand father's Right Harikeshwar Thakur(an spiritual guru). After his birth lots of renowned saints and hermits came to his house to get a glimpse of this miraculous boy. They were predicted that Gurudev Sri would do wonders as his eyes, forehead, countenance had unique charming.They well totally mesmerized by his supernatural symptoms and made a prediction "He would surprise the people around the world as a great "enlightened person" in the near future".


Gurudev Sri’s childhood seems to be a unique and challenging life. He was brought to his native village Chataria (Darbhanga) from Rudauli, where his proper care continued. When he was barely of two years he started imitating his grandfather in the same way as his grandfather used to worship Goddess Maa Maharani Mahalaxmi in the Temple. He always kept himself near religious affairs that his grandfather used to perform. Even in the plays, Gurudev Sri concentrated on God as the theme of his plays. The mundane ceremony (tonsure) took place when Gurudev Sri was three years. He was sent to the middle school at five. His hard work, delicate nature, politeness, sharp memory endeared him among teachers and students. Gurudev Sri was very generous by heart since his childhood. He used to share his notebook, pen, pencil, lunch etc. in the school. In the leisure hour Gurudev Sri invariably used to talk about God and His various manifestations. During lunch hour unlike other children he used to go to reclusive corner or under the shade of Pipal Tree (Banyan tree) in the school premises to study and to meditate. In this way his personality spread out like mellifluous fragrance of concentration, intellect, tolerance, politeness and universal outlook in the school. His yoga interest, loneliness, emotional heart, kind nature, his love for worshiping almighty, self-meditation made him altogether different from other students in the school.

Detached life with family

The ceremonial joy enriched undistinguishable charming in the nine years old personality of Gurudev Sri when he was granted sacred thread on a very special day. His father was working in TATA STEEL, so he got admission in the K.M.P.M High school, Jamshedpur. He completed his 10th(matriculation) from K.M.P.M high school. He took admission in 12th and he was famous as Sanyasi in his College. After graduation, he completed his Engineering degree from Biju Patnayak University and pass out as Software Engineer. He completed his project in TATA STEEL and worked there for one year and joined new MNC Software Company in Bengaluru. He also worked 8 year in Hyderabad.

He got married to smt Bhawan Thakur and blessed with two children.

He always continued self-meditation and sudden shift in the resolution during his studies and attending religious ceremonies viz. a religious sacrifices and soiree in temples, masjid, gurudawara, Church after his school, reciting Holy Scriptures like the Gita, the Ramayana, and Durga Saaptsati and also about life affairs of universal souls. It was his daily routine.

Shakti Sadhna

In this way Gurudev Sri spent twelve years of his life. One day, suddenly, around 12 am in the night he seen a great light in his room and a very melodious female voice saying “Putra Jaago Tumhe Chalana Hoga Ek lambi saafar per. Main Tumhara intijaar kar rahi hoon. Tijhe bahut karya karne hai. Then she smiled to Gurudev and then fades away”.

One night he dreamt a lotus feet of Mata Laxmi and she is smiling and calling him to Puri, next morning he left for Puri in early morning without acknowledging anyone without eating or drinking anything he reached in the premises of Prabhu Jaggantha temple. There he met a dynamic eerie who had a horrible face clad in black, big eyes, matted hair and terrible eyebrows feeding a fiercing black dog. The moment he entered in the temple premises, the saint said to Gurudev Sri, “Oh, small child where have you come? Go back to Varanashi. Be quick, someone is waiting for you there. Hurry up, go back.” Gurudev Sri took those words as the words of Maa Maharani Mahalaxmi. Having listened it he boarded a train to varanashi. There he found a huge Vatbriksha (Banyan Tree) which was the place of Dattatre jee Maharaj. He had been without taking food and water for several days. Eventually, he met a great saint whose benign countenance and delicate nature appeared to be highly attractive to Gurudev Sri. As, he stepped forwards to touch the lotus feet of the saint his soft hand was caught in a softer hand and he listened, “Son, you have been hungry for several days. Why have you come here? You should go to Vindhyachal. If you have come here it is ok. The saint fetched out a piece of herb, giving it to Swami, he said, “Take it, your hunger and thirst will go away. Then we will talk.” Gurudev Sri ate the piece of herb and lost in meditation for three days under the same umbrageous tree. After three days Gurudiksha was given to Gurudev Sri and he was advised to go to the eight-handed Vindhyavashini Maa.

So far Gurudev Sri Jee has disseminated the "Name of Gurudev Datta ,Mata Maharani Mahalaxmi and Kanahiya" in many areas of India like Bihar, Maharashtra, Delhi, Utter Pradesh..

One and only object of his life is to spread the wave of "Maharani Mahalaxmi" and "Hare Krishan Mahamantra" in the entire world till the last of his life. In obedience to his guru's will, he is totally engrossed in this pious work.



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